An easy way to double your closet space

Just by adding an extra shelf halfway between the floor and your current shelf you essentially double the capacity of your closet.  Typically new homes are come with one wire shelf which you can hang one row of shirts and pants on.  Underneath the length of this clothing however there is a lot of underutilized […]

Efficient storage increases your house value

If you organize your items in your closets, pantries, basement storage rooms, garages, sheds, etc. you will add value to your house and make it easier to sell.  People look at these types of things when they purchase a house and it can be the determining factor if you sell your house or if someone […]

Utilizing Your Overhead Storage

Utilizing the space on the upper part of your walls or suspending racking system from the ceiling is a great efficient way to free up valuable wall space.  An attached garage typically costs approx. $100 per sq. foot if you consider the same sized house with a garage is $30,000 – $40,000 more than one […]

Efficient Bike Storage

There are numerous bike storage options on the market today from a variety of hooks, pulley systems, etc.  Everyone has to find what works for them with the space that they have.  If you have the height in your storage area the pulley systems work great because you can get your bikes completely out of […]

Organize your garage, relax its easy with monkey bars.

If your like most people, your garage is a storage unit for your yearly sports activities, hobbies, projects and perhaps a vehicle if your still lucky. But it doesn’t have to be. At The Garage Organizer we specialize in helping our customers keep a clean, organized garage while utilizing the space you have. Monkey Bars […]