If your like most people, your garage is a storage unit for your yearly sports activities, hobbies, projects and perhaps a vehicle if your still lucky. But it doesn’t have to be. At The Garage Organizer we specialize in helping our customers keep a clean, organized garage while utilizing the space you have.

Monkey Bars Storage System is the most efficient storage system on the market.  It provides you with overhead storage and the option of hanging items underneath it.  This allows you to get those items you use once a year like Christmas lights, Halloween decorations, etc. up off the floor and out of the way.  It then allows you to hang those more commonly used items like shovels, bikes, golf club underneath.  The design of the monkey bars storage system is also much more efficient at hanging items than any other system on the market.  The hooks hold more weight allowing you to hang 3 or four shovels, 6 folding chairs, a wheel barrow, etc.  Once all these items are up off the floor you are then able to clean underneath them more easily, see things like little critters and park your vehicles in the garage without banging your car doors.

Below are a few additional tips and tricks to utilizing your space efficiently.

1. Maximize your wall spacing.

2. Utilize your overhead rafters.

3. Remove excess junk and garbage.


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