Folding Chair Rack


The Folding Chair Rack from Monkey Bars will create some needed space in your garage, church, or utility room by getting your folding chairs on the wall and off the floor. This chair storage rack is the best way to store 12 to 15 folding chairs and can be installed in just 15 minutes. The Folding Chair Rack is made with industrial steel and the components are powder coated. The hooks are rubber coated to protect your chairs while they are on the rack. Each Folding Chair Rack comes with a lifetime warranty. Acquire some needed storage space today.


The Folding Chair Rack by Monkey Bars allows you to store 12-15 folding chairs in only 4 ft of wall space. This folding chair rack comes with a lifetime warranty.

Folding Chair Rack Specs:
2 – Single Bar Brackets
1 – 51″ Monkey Bar
3 – 12″ Hooks
1 – Hardware Bag


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