Poly Aspartic Flooring

Poly Aspartic coatings are a great way to give your garage floor, deck, driveway or steps a beautiful face lift.  They can be applied to concrete, wood and another of other surfaces.  We can use it to repair concrete that is spalling, has cracks or you just want a surface that looks great and is easy to sweep up.  Poly aspartics resist oil stains, salt, water, etc.  You don’t have to worry about oil soaking into your concrete floor or about salt in the winter eating away at your floor.  Application involves prepping the floor by roughing it up a bit so that the compound can bind to the concrete properly, fixing any pits and cracks in the concrete.  Then we roll on a base coat with the color tint of your choice.  While this is still wet we throw on some colored flake.  Then this will be allowed to set up for a few hours or overnight depending on the size of the job.  Then we will come back and blow off the loose flake and give it a scrape to break off all of the loose flake.  We will then put on a top coat to seal the flak in and give it a nice high gloss look.  If you are worried about it being slippery a sand can be mixed in with the top coat to give it a little bite.  The way the surface is prepped ensures that the material will not come off due to hot tires, every day use, etc.  Once the product is on it isn’t coming off.


We offer concrete garage floor, patio, stair resurfacing / repair.  If you have a new floor or old floor that is cracking and spalling that needs repair work feel free to give us a call for a free consult.  We can make your floor or steps look and feel better than brand new for a portion of the cost and inconvience of having your current floor torn out and replaced.  You wont have to have someone come in with cement saws, jack hammars, bobcats and concrete truck to remove your old concrete to replace it with new concrete.  We have many different colors to choose from so that you can personalize your working space. A job typically takes approx. 2 days depending on the size and prep work needed.


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